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Research Highlights

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Adolescence from an Evolutionary Anthropological Perspective

March 2021

By: Dr Emily Emmott

Want to know learn about adolescence from an evolutionary anthropological perspective? Watch an introductory 1 hr lecture video outlining how we understand and investigate adolescence. This lecture was recorded for undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge.

Photovoice as an ethological method in the “private world” of teenagers in England and Japan

April 2020

By: Dr Masahito Morita

Accepted poster presentation for the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference 2020 (Note: event cancelled due to Covid-19)

Bright Idea Bulb

Adolescent Sociality in Japan and England: Project Outline

November 2018

By: Dr Emily Emmott

Presentation summarising project background and conception of the Adolescent Sociality Across Cultures project. Presented to the UCL Blakemore Lab.

Teen Views on Adolescence (in the UK)

October 2018

By: Dr Emily Emmott

Presentation summarising the project, "Harmonising the meaning of adolescence between young people and health researchers." Funded by UCL Grand Challenges.

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