Project Overview

Adolescent Sociality Across Cultures

The social environment around us during our formative teenage years can have life-long implications for health and behaviour - but how this happens may be different between cultures. In this project, we are establishing a cross-cultural collaborative research programme on adolescent sociality across. Currently in the first phase, we are working to establish the project in Japan and the UK, with particular focus on adolescent social networks and adolescent communication.

Read more about our Phase-1 Research Aims below.


Establishing Field-sites

Developing long-term relationships with schools in Japan and the UK

We are running a photography project with teenagers across the two countries, where they document stories and photographs reflecting the people, places and things that are important to them. Their work will be published here, and exhibited at University College London. Exploring adolescent sociality together in this manner will help us design better data collections (see below), and help us establish mutually beneficial relationships between teenagers, schools and researchers.


Designing Data Collection

Developing a survey on adolescent sociality

We are developing survey questions and other aspects of data collection by 1) exploring existing cohort studies in Japan and the UK, 2) analysing the photographs from the 'In my life' photography project, and 3) receiving feedback from teenagers/schools and other researchers. The survey will be piloted in the next stage of the project. By investing properly in preliminary survey design, we will ensure our cross-national collaboration is successful over the long term.


Launching the Adolescent Sociality Research Network

Building research communities for the future

Cross-national collaborations are more likely to be successful where there is supporting "infrastructure" of collaborative networks. We are therefore working to set-up an international Adolescent Sociality Research Network. In the first phase, we will be hosting Adolescent Sociality Idea Exchange workshops in Japan and the UK. Keep an eye on our updates for more information!